Timelis Electric Towel Dryer

Electric Towel Dryer

300 - 750W Output
2 year warranty

The Timelis towel dryer uses thermofluid technology and has been designed for comfort. The range features an integral adjustable thermostat with eco and comfort modes, a two-hour boost override and a push button set function.

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Click and Go
Click and Go
ERP Compliant
ERP Compliant
25% Energy Savings
25% Energy Savings
Cozy touch
Cozy touch

Key Features Key Features

Timelis Technical Data

Output (W) Depth (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Current (A) Weight (KG) A B Model
300 110 555 984 1.3 19 819 400 AH952103
500 110 555 1374 2.1 25 1209 400 AH952105
750 110 555 1764 3.2 34 1599 400 AH952107
Output (W)

Inside your radiator

  1. Towel rail tubes
  2. Heating element
  3. Over-heat safety stat
  4. RF receiver
  5. Heat conducting fluid
  6. Vertical tubes
  7. Setting button
  8. Boost activation
  9. Mode selector
  10. Info button
  11. LCD digital screen
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Your TIMELIS ELECTRIC TOWEL DRYER questions answered

Is the heater ErP compliant?

Yes, all Atlantic Heat products are ErP Lot20 compliant.

Where can I install the heater in the bathroom (what are bathroom regulations?)

For the latest and up-to-date information please refer to the latest edition of the NICEIC Wiring Regulations.

What type of heater is best suited to a bathroom?

An ErP compliant heater, ideally a heater/ towel dryer. Check out our Electric Towel Dryer range.