Electric Thermofluid radiator

300 - 2000W Output
2 year warranty

The Accessio is an easy to use electric, heat conducting fluid-filled radiator that delivers homogeneous long-lasting heat as a result of integral thermofluid technology. Not only that, user friendly digital controls and an electronic thermostat can help homeowners achieve energy savings of up to 25% versus conventional electric heating solutions.

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ERP Compliant
ERP Compliant
25% Energy Savings
25% Energy Savings

Key Features

Accessio technical data

Output (W) Depth (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Current (A) Weight (KG) A B Model
300 127 410 575 1.3 8.5 161 354 AH524903
500 127 410 575 2.2 8.5 161 354 AH524905
750 127 490 575 3.3 9.9 241 354 AH524907
1000 127 490 575 4.3 9.9 241 354 AH524910
1250 127 651 575 5.4 13.2 400 354 AH524912
1500 127 732 575 6.5 14.8 400 354 AH524915
2000 127 973 575 8.7 19.7 724 354 AH524920
Output (W)

Inside your radiator

  1. Heating fluid
  2. LCD digital controls
  3. Digital screen showing temperature and energy consumption
  4. Navigation buttons
  5. Access to menu/validation
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Your ACCESSIO questions answered

How do I select the right heater for the room size/type?

As a room’s heating requirements will vary depending on a number of aspects (size of the room, number of external walls, size and type of windows, the wall fabric, building orientation) it is advisable to get an estimation from a qualified person. However, as a rough guide, for older properties, 100W per m². For more guidance check out our Product Selector.

What is ErP?

ErP is the European directive stating that all electric radiators which are manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. A reduction in emissions is achieved with integral room temperature controls which have day or week timers. Additional reductions achieved with: temperature control with presence/open window detection, app distance control, adaptive start control to suit user lifestyle.

How do I lock the heater to make it tamper proof?

In the F127 operating manual, expert mode, there is a facility to lock the heaters to prevent tampering.