Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

172L & 210L Output
AH 5 Year Warranty

The Atlantic Calypso is an energy efficient heat pump hot water heater which has an integrated heat pump system on the top and features a duplex stainless steel tank body engineered by Gledhill which is encased with high grade 63mm insulation offering excellent heat retention and energy efficiency of up to 300% efficiency.

Compatible with Atlantic’s CozyTouch control system, the Calypso provides the owner with a greater sense of control and usability allowing the user to control their Calypso from their smart device and monitor their heat pump water heater’s performance in real time.

Versatile in its design the Atlantic Calypso has adjustable air inlets which can be used with air ducts to source heat from the external environment or without the air ducts to extract and utilise heat from the surrounding ambient air.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind the Calypso heat pump water heater is available in 172L and 210L models and is the perfect solution for new builds and apartments with its A+ ErP rating, compacted design, fast heat up times and extremely quiet heat pump system, the Calypso is the all-in-one energy efficient heat pump water heater you have been waiting for.

The Atlantic Calypso has been designed and built to be the perfect solution for:

  • New Build Houses
  • Apartments
  • Small Businesses
  • Private Landlords

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Product Colour:
ErP Rating: A+
ErP Rating: A+
Integrated Air Source Heat Pump
Integrated Air Source Heat Pump
300% COP Energy Efficiency
300% COP Energy Efficiency
Low Noise Emission
Low Noise Emission
Cozytouch Compatible
Cozytouch Compatible

Key Features

Product Code Cylinder Capacity Dimensions Cylinder Material Case Finish ErP Rating Maximum Temperature Insulation Thickness Sound Pressure Level (2m) Coolant Protection Air Operation Range (Ducted) COP Efficiency Expansion Vessel Size Heating Time from Cold (10°C to 54°C) Heat Loss Wiring Location
237484 172L 1700mm x 605mm x 695mm Duplex Stainless Steel White A+ 62°C 63mm 49 dB(A) R134a IPX1B -5°C to 43°C 3.15 22L 5h 44m 51W Bottom back of the hood section
237485 210 1940mm x 605mm x 695mm Duplex Stainless Steel White A+ 62°C 63mm 49 dB(A) R134a IPX1B -5°C to 43°C 3.02 22L 7h 27m 58W Bottom back of the hood section
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Your CALYPSO questions answered

What is the maximum length of ducting that can be used with the Calypso?

There is no specific maximum ducting length.

The length of ducting is determined by the ducting design (number of elbows, etc.), type (circular, or letter-box style) and manufacturer.

Is the Calypso compatible with photovoltaics and off-peak tariffs?

The Calypso has an additional signal input to receive either an off-peak or PV signal.

When using an off-peak signal, this can be used to determine when and whether the immersion heater or heat pump are used.

When installed alongside Solar PV, the surplus energy produced by the PV system can be stored as hot water in the Calypso, practically free of charge.

Can I control my Calypso remotely?

The Calypso can be controlled remotely through the Atlantic Cozytouch App, in the same way as other Atlantic products – the Agilia, Oniris, ang Galapagos electric radiators.

A cozytouch bridge, which connects wirelessly to your Wi-Fi router, is required for connection (sold separately).

What size Calypso do I need?

You size the Calypso as you would with any direct electric hot water cylinder. The HWA recommends 45L per occupant per day. So a 172L could support a 3 occupant household.

Is this product manufactured in the UK?

The Duplex Stainless Steel cylinder is manufactured by Gledhill in the UK. The rest of the unit is assembled at the GA factory in La Roche-Sur-Yon in France.

Where can I buy the Calypso from?

The calypso will be sold through both electric wholesalers, as per the rest of the Atlantic range, as well as P & H merchants.