Fluid-Filled Panel Heaters

There is something to suit every situation in our range of fluid-filled heaters. Providing gentle and long-lasting heating in a range of styles.

Galapagos: Horizontal and Low Height

Galapagos: Horizontal and Low Height

Electric Thermofluid Radiator
700 - 2000W Output

The Galapagos is a stylish, electric, fluid-filled radiator that distributes uniform heat from its entire surface using thermofluid technology.

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Galapagos: Vertical

Galapagos: Vertical

Thermofluid Electric Radiator
1000 - 1800W Output

The Galapagos is a stylish, electric, fluid-filled radiator that distributes uniform heat from its entire surface using thermofluid technology.

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Electric Thermofluid Radiator
300 - 2000W Output

The Atlantic Accessio is an easy to use electric fluid filled radiator which delivers homogeneous, long lasting heat that feels similar to traditional central heating thanks to the Atlantic thermofluid technology.

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Fluid-Filled Panel Heaters

What is an electric Fluid Filled Electric Radiator?

Fluid-filled electric radiators are also known as oil-filled electric radiators or typically to as electric radiators utilise electrical energy rather than gas to generate heat and warm up a room.

Oil-filled electric radiators have built-in encased heating element that heats up using electricity. Within the body of an electric radiator are a series of pipes that are strategically placed and located around the heating element and are filled with oil or specially formulated heating fluid. Covering the entire body of the electric radiator are a series of plates, typically made from aluminum due to its great heat conductivity properties and it is this aluminum plate that you see, which provides you with a pleasing aesthetic look.

Oil-filled electric radiators use a combination of radiant and convection heat to warm a room. As the heating element heats up within the electric radiator this heat is transferred to the oil-filled pipes and as this fluid begins to get hot, heat radiates off in a straight line into the room. At the same time, an electric radiator also uses the convection heating method of drawing cool air from the room, into the radiators which passes the heating elements. This heat is transferred to the passing air heating it up which is then pushed out of the top of the electric radiator and into the room to heat it up.

Which room is best for a Fluid Filled Electric Radiator?

Because oil filled or fluid filled electric radiators utilises both radiant and convection heating methods to warm a room they are better suited for larger sized rooms like:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms (Master Bedrooms)
  • Hallway
  • Dining Room

The reason being is that there are two ways in which the electric radiator is generating and releasing the heat it creates. The radiant heat comes directly off the radiator and into the room as a straight line while also pushing warm air out and into the higher areas of the room. The combination of both heating methods means an oiled-filled electric radiator is more efficient at heating a larger room.

Oil-filled electric radiators can be installed and used to heat your smaller rooms like a home office or conservatories, but the size of the radiator and its’ wattage needs to be considered. If a larger electric radiator is fitted into a small room, then more energy will be consumed and used than required to warm the room. We suggest for a small room like home offices, conservatories and small bedrooms, that panel heaters like the Atlantic F127 would be best suited for optimal energy usage and money savings.

Designed to be dynamic, most panel heaters have LCD display screens built in like our Oniris electric panel heater, which displays the energy consumption and provides you with the ability to control the panel heater’s temperature with ease. As we move more towards the digital world, some panel heaters offer smart control capabilities through appliances like the Cozy Touch Control System allowing you to turn your panel heater on and off remotely, as well as adjusting the temperate giving you full control and allowing you to save money and be more environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of an Atlantic Fluid Filled Electric Radiator?

Designed with the user in mind, Atlantic’s range of fluid filled electric radiators are engineered to offer smart control capabilities, offering up to 45% energy savings and being aesthetically pleasing.

Our range of Galapagos electric radiators are designed to take advantage of any space within the room, with our high and low radiators they can fit into small horizontal walls like hallways and living rooms, if a home has long vertical walls or columns then you will need our Galapagos Vertical electric radiator, which has been designed specifically for these type of walls within large modern kitchen home spaces. Featuring sleek, modern curved aluminum face plates, the Galapagos is capable of fitting into any modern home style. Compatible with Cozy Touch our Galapagos range can be controlled wirelessly, allowing the end user to easily control their heating whether they are on their way home from work or have left the house and forgot to turn it off.

All of Atlantic’s oil filled electric radiators are ERP (Energy Related Product) Compliant and can offer the end user up to 45% energy savings (depending on model). Available in either grey or white, the Atlantic electric radiator range is designed to be versatile and work in any home style.

To offer the end user up to 45% energy savings, our range of oil-filled electric radiators feature open/closed window detection, which allows the radiator to adjust its energy consumption if an open window is detected resulting in energy savings. In addition, our electric radiator range has built-in programming modes enabling the end user to adjust how their home is heated to their style, an energy consumption indicator along with LCD digital displays, ASP (Anti Staining Process) Anti-dust technology an also an H Shaped vertical supporting making our radiator range easier to install.