Agilia IO

Electric Radiator

500 - 2000W Output
AH 2 Year Warranty Purple

The Agilia IO takes everything from the original Agilia electric radiator and upgrades it adding CozyTouch compatibility allowing the user to wireless control Agilia IO radiator through their smartphone or tablet.

Designed with a simplistic but modern symmetrical style, the Agilia IO is capable of being fitted and working with all home deco designs with complete ease. Engineered to be slim and compact the Agilia IO electric radiator combines comfort, energy, and space saving benefits into one complete elegant radiator.

Engineered to be compact like an electric panel radiator the Agilia IO offers convection heating providing immediate homogeneous heat diffusion which offers the user perfect home comfort and is easy to install allowing you to install multiple Agilia IO radiators with ease throughout the day.

The Agilia IO features double heating elements which provides increased heat up times and with open window decision the Agilia IO electric radiator can adjust its energy consumption to avoid energy wastage. Equipped with easy to use digital controls as well as an energy consumption indicator and 3 programmable modes, the Agilia Io electric radiator offers the user up to 45% energy savings and is ERP compliant.

Product Colour:
Cozy touch
Cozy touch
Click & Go
Click & Go
45% Energy Savings
45% Energy Savings
ErP Lot 20
ErP Lot 20
Double Heating Elements
Double Heating Elements
IO Home Controls
IO Home Controls

Key Features

Agilia IO Technical Data

Output (W) Depth (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Current (A) Weight (KG) A B1 B2 Model Wiring Location
500 129 372 530 2.2 5.5 120.8 246 158.5 AH503105 Bottom right
750 129 372 530 3.3 5.5 120.8 246 158.5 AH503107 Bottom right
1000 129 446 530 4.3 6 194.8 246 158.5 AH503110 Bottom right
1250 129 520 530 5.4 7.5 268.8 246 158.5 AH503117 Bottom right
1500 138 594 530 6.5 9 342.8 246 158.5 AH503115 Bottom right
2000 138 742 530 8.7 9 490.8 246 158.5 AH503120 Bottom right
Output (W)

Inside your radiator

  1. Fast heating surface
  2. Cozy touch compatible
  3. LCD Digital Controls
  4. Digital Screen
  5. Navigation buttons
  6. Access to menu/ validation
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Your AGILIA IO questions answered

Is the heater ErP compliant?

Yes, all Atlantic Heat products are ErP Lot20 compliant.

If I pair heaters, which one controls the heating?

The original heater that you start the process with will be the Master heater. The additional heaters that are then paired to this original will be slave heaters.

The master heater will determine the heater operation.

What are the installation requirements? Eg. Can I install the heater under a window?

Heaters should be installed at point of the greatest heat loss sometimes near to a window, although it is recommended that heaters are not directly installed under a window.