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Cozytouch is a home heating control device that offers connectivity to all compatible Atlantic electric heating systems in the house. Offering simplicity and ease to the user, the Cozytouch offers the user the ability to control their heating applicable remotely whilst providing real time monitoring capabilities, energy consumption, absence and open window detection.

Cozytouch is compatible with the below products:


Agilia IO

Galapagos Horizontal and Low Height

Galapagos Vertical

Atlantic’s range of Cozytouch compatible electric heating appliances features built in motion sensor technology on the front of each unit. This allows the electric radiator to detect whether someone is in the room and automatically adjust itself to the ideal temperature. If the system detects no movement within the room, the electric heating appliance will automatically lower its temperature output to an economy setting, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

Setting up the Cozytouch system is simple, with no complicated programming required. During the first week of operation, the Cozytouch electric radiator scans and monitors the room to detect patterns of usage and builds an intelligent daily schedule based on these patterns. This means that each room (or zone) is warmed up before it becomes occupied, providing comfort and luxury with ease.

The Cozytouch smart system repeats its automatic daily and weekly scans to continuously adapt to the user’s lifestyle. In addition to this, Cozytouch also provides the user with real-time monitoring capabilities and full control over their heating. The user can remotely control each appliance individually within the property, making it easy to adjust heating settings and reduce energy usage.

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IO Home Control
IO Home Control
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Smart Features

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Depth (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Model
110 71 28 AH002449
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