How to Specify the Right Radiator

How to Specify the Right Radiator

Looking for the right electric radiator that has effective heat generation, excellent programming control facilities and appeals to the homeowner can be a difficult task, especially as aesthetics come first for most homeowners.

However, establishing that balance between form and function to ensure the right product has been specified requires additional thought. National Sales Manager, Christian Pemberton at Atlantic offers installers and customers advice on how to specify the right radiator for their heating.

Installers will know, homeowners typically make product choices based on aesthetics, with the use of catalogues and virtual showrooms to make sure items match their home vision before seeking advice from a professional to install them. This makes a homeowner’s dream interior problematic when the installer arrives if the chosen product is not suitable for the task. This scenario happens with products all over the home but installers can face even more challenges when selecting an electric radiator for their heating. The main issues installers can be faced with is whether the product is even suitable for the space, has the product been adequately sized? Do the control functions meet current legislation requirements? And is it the correct type of heat for that space?

The key is to engage with your customer early and work with them to pick out a radiator that suits their interior dream but will perform as expected. But what if the homeowner has already made their choice? Atlantic offers homeowners clear and useful information on which products are suitable for their space and an understanding of the output required so when you get the call you know it’s the right product for the right space.

Getting the Correct Output

The output of the radiator required is directly related to the size of the room it needs to heat. When large spaces need to be heated you need bigger radiators or more of them. If this doesn’t fall in line with the customer’s vision it can make the job more awkward than it needs to be. If you can engage with your customer early in the process most issues can be resolved before they arise.

Most customers will be unaware of the impact of incorrectly sized radiators;

  • Undersized and the room will never get to their desired temperature, not to mention the cost of running the radiator continuously.
  • Oversized and the room will heat up and overshoot the desired temperature leaving them too hot.

The benefit of engaging with your customer early within the process can help them understand what needs to be calculated for the room requirements and ultimately manage expectations for your customer. Atlantic, experts in electric heating systems and home comfort appliances, have a simple and useful product selector tool available on our website, offering customers the ease of choosing the right output for their interior. The measurements required are just the width and length of the room accompanied by the age of the property.

Finding the right radiator can draw many benefits for the homeowner, allowing them to choose one that suits their home lifestyle aesthetic while providing the right functionality needed for their home. Similarly, installers can manage homeowners' expectations while supplying the perfect product.