Benefits of Going Electric

Benefits of Going Electric

Important decisions are now being put upon consumers when it comes to finding an appropriate heating system for their properties. There are many factors that could hinder their choice of system, such as efficiency and what impact it could have on the environment. Jamie Hickman, Product Manager at Atlantic, discusses the benefits of going electric.

Currently, gas is the most popular option to heat properties in the UK with around 8 million gas boilers being sold every year. However, with the UK’s commitment to decarbonisation and a Net Zero target for 2050, we will see a shift in more innovative technology that is more sustainable. So, what will this mean for electricity?

The production of electricity is increasingly being produced from renewable sources, such as solar, hydro and wind. Electric heating at the point of use is environmentally friendly as it does not create emissions and leaves the inside and surrounding outdoor air clear.

When choosing a new heating system, the shift from gas is gaining momentum and therefore consumers are needing to know what benefits lie with electric heating.

Environmental benefits

With electricity being produced through renewable sources, the environmental benefit of electric heating continues to grow. The generation of electricity is becoming less carbon-intensive and electric panel heaters do not produce the same waste gases that other conventional heating sources produce, such as oil and gas boilers.


For gas systems when the heating is switched on, the heated water will run through the pipes to the radiators. The whole system would need to be activated, even if you are only wanting to turn one radiator on. This added expense as well as potential heat loss through the pipes within the system would make its efficiency much lower when compared to electric heating.

With electric heaters, there is no heat loss between the power source and heat output. The whole system works as soon as it is switched on, with a short cable in place of a complicated pipe network.

Smart features

Smart features are in place to help you control and manage the amount of energy you use to heat your home. The more you can manage the more you are able to save on heating bills. Benefits such as open window detection recognise a sudden drop in temperature in a room that would normally be as a result of a window or door being left open. As soon as this is detected the heater will automatically switch to a frost protection temperature of 7°C. This is to ensure that you are not heating a room unnecessarily but still provides protection against frost damage. Once the heater records a rise in temperatures, such as the window or door is closed, the heating will then switch back on to the original set point.

With the UK government's commitment to tackle climate change, with Net Zero by 2050, we are now in a position where alternative heating solutions are at the forefront of the agenda. With electric heating offering easy and stylish alternatives for home comfort solutions, heating homes has never been easier. Atlantic, experts in electric heating innovation and technology, offer a wide range of electric heating appliances.

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