Atlantic Electric Radiator Smart Features

Atlantic Electric Radiator Smart Features

Across the range of Atlantic panel heaters various smart features are included. From integrated 7 day timers to fully automated programming using light and motion detectors. These features help you control and mange the amount of energy you use to heat your home. The more you can manage this energy usage the more you could save. Our fully connected appliances can give you up to 45%* energy saving!

Open window detection

    This feature is standard across our range of heaters. The feature detects any sudden drops in temperature in a room that would normally be as a result of a window or door being left open. When this temperature drop is recorded the heater automatically switches to a frost protection temperature of 7°C. This ensures that you are not heating a room unnecessarily but still gives you protection against potential frost damage. Once the heater records a rise in room temperature (signalling that the window/door has been closed) the heater automatically switches back to the normal setpoint.

    Atlantic Panel Heaters that have open window detection build-in:

    1. F127
    2. Sokio
    3. Agilia IO
    4. Oniris

    Atlantic electric fluid-filled radiators with open window detection built-in:

    1. Galapagos Vertical
    2. Galapagos Horizontal and Low Height
    3. Accessio

    Absence and Presence Detection

    This feature is available on models with motion and light sensors fitted. When the panel is switched to its AUTO programming function the panel uses light and motion sensors to detect when a room is occupied or empty. When the heater records that a room has been empty for half an hour the heater reduces your set temperature by 1°C (reducing you set point by 1°C could cut heating bills by up to 10%). After another half an hour the heater reduces the temperature by 2°C of the original set temperature. Once you come back in the room the heater automatically adjusts to the original set temperature. This lowering of the set temperature makes sure that you are not heating a room you are no longer in but means that the room doesn’t go cold whilst you are away from it. Giving you comfort and savings.

    Electric radiators with Absence and presence detection:

    CozyTouch Control System Connectivity

    Our heaters that are Cozytouch compatible allow you to take control of you heating almost anywhere in the world. Using the Cozytouch app you can change heating times, change your room temperatures and even check on your energy consumption. Link multiple appliances together using the IO home control signal and all your appliances will sync times and temperatures that you set through the app.

    Atlantic electric radiators which are CozyTouch compatible:

    Pilot wire

    With the pilot wire connection on some of our appliances you can link several appliances to one controller for common control of all appliances. This connection is perfectly suited to bigger projects with larger spaces or communal areas.