Galapagos: Vertical

Thermofluid Electric Radiator

1000 - 1800W Output
AH 2 Year Warranty Yellow

The Galapagos is a stylish fluid-filled electric radiator that distributes heat evenly from its aluminum plate surface utilising thermofluid technology. Engineered with the end user in mind, the Galapagos has a built-in Auto mode which is a smart control function that tracks the user's requirements and adapts the heating between comfort or eco mode accordingly.

Focused on providing the end user energy savings, the Galapagos vertical has an LCD digital control panel that displays the temperature and energy consumption and can detect windows that are open or closed and will automatically adjust its heating setting to minimum output if a window is open nearby to reduce energy usage. Highly adaptable for the user's needs, the Galapagos has 3 programmable modes: Manual, 24 Hour - 7 day Timer and an IO Home Control.

Manual allows the user to turn the electric radiator on and off and adjust temperate settings according to their needs, while the 24 hour - 7 day timer adjusts to the settings of that day. The IO Home control on the other hand allows the user to control their Galapagos electric radiator from their smart device with ease whether they are sat on the sofa or have just finished work and are on their way home.

Designed to be the perfect solution for modern homes with large living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms the Galapagos is available in white or grey colour finish and features a curved front panel allowing this electric radiator to work beautifully with any deco style.

Product Colour:
Cozy touch
Cozy touch
Click & Go
Click & Go
ErP Lot 20
ErP Lot 20
45% Energy Savings
45% Energy Savings
IO Home Control
IO Home Control

Key Features

Galapagos: Vertical Technical Data

Output (W) Depth (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Current (A) Weight (KG) A B White model Grey Star Wiring location
1000 133 460 1290 4.3 24 320 1021 AH501310 AH501850 Bottom middle
1500 133 460 1590 6.4 29 320 1321 AH501315 AH501851 Bottom middle
1800 133 460 1800 7.7 33 320 1521 AH501320 AH501852 Bottom middle
Output (W)

Inside your radiator

  1. Aluminium front panel
  2. Aluminium plates
  3. Collectors with circulation of coolant fluid
  4. Sheathed heating element
  5. Room temperature sensor
  6. Control unit
  7. Control panel
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Your GALAPAGOS: VERTICAL questions answered

How do I select the right heater for the room size/type?

As a room’s heating requirements will vary depending on a number of aspects (size of the room, number of external walls, size and type of windows, the wall fabric, building orientation) it is advisable to get an estimation from a qualified person. However, as a rough guide, for older properties, 100W per m². For more guidance check out our Product Selector.

If I pair heaters, which one controls the heating?

The original heater that you start the process with will be the Master heater. The additional heaters that are then paired to this original will be slave heaters.

The master heater will determine the heater operation.

What does double insulated mean?

Some appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, electric drills and some panel heaters do not have an earth wire.

This is because they have plastic casings, or they have been designed so that the live wire cannot touch the casing.

As a result, the casing cannot give an electric shock, even if the wires inside become loose.

These appliances have double insulation and carry a symbol.