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Information and frequently asked questions on our heating products and controls.

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How do I select the right heater for the room size/type?

As a room’s heating requirements will vary depending on a number of aspects (size of the room, number of external walls, size and type of windows, the wall fabric, building orientation) it is advisable to get an estimation from a qualified person. However, as a rough guide, for older properties, 100W per m². For more guidance check out our Product Selector.

What does double insulated mean?

Some appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, electric drills and some panel heaters do not have an earth wire.

This is because they have plastic casings, or they have been designed so that the live wire cannot touch the casing.

As a result, the casing cannot give an electric shock, even if the wires inside become loose.

These appliances have double insulation and carry a symbol.

What are the installation requirements? Eg. Can I install the heater under a window?

Heaters should be installed at point of the greatest heat loss sometimes near to a window, although it is recommended that heaters are not directly installed under a window.

What is ErP?

ErP is the European directive stating that all electric radiators which are manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. A reduction in emissions is achieved with integral room temperature controls which have day or week timers. Additional reductions achieved with: temperature control with presence/open window detection, app distance control, adaptive start control to suit user lifestyle.

Is the heater ErP compliant?

Yes, all Atlantic Heat products are ErP Lot20 compliant.

My heater is out of warranty, where can I buy spare parts for my heater?

All spare parts for Atlantic heaters can be found at UK Spares, www.uk-spares.com

Why isn’t my heater working?

Check power is supplied to the heater, the instruction manual provides a basic trouble shooting guide.

Why do I need a pilot wire?

A pilot wire can allow a towel rail to be connected to a wider heating system where a pilot wire facility is included.

Where can I install the heater in the bathroom (what are bathroom regulations?)

For the latest and up-to-date information please refer to the latest edition of the NICEIC Wiring Regulations.

What type of heater is best suited to a bathroom?

An ErP compliant heater, ideally a heater/ towel dryer. Check out our Electric Towel Dryer range.

What happens to the Cozytouch if power is lost or the internet signal is lost?

When power/internet is restored it will revert to the most up-to-date instruction from CozyTouch i.e. if the heater is scheduled to be on, once the power/internet signal is restored the heater will start to warm up.

If I pair heaters, which one controls the heating?

The original heater that you start the process with will be the Master heater. The additional heaters that are then paired to this original will be slave heaters.

The master heater will determine the heater operation.

How can I pair heaters together?

There is a pair function in the menu on heaters with this function.

Can I install the heater in a bathroom?

F127 and Accessio have an IP24 rating which means that they can be installed in all zones of a bathroom except for the interior of a bath or shower which can hold water. Refer to the latest NICEIC Wiring Regulations for more details.

How long is my mains lead?

Mains leads vary in length, typically the leads are 0.7m.

Which side does the mains lead come out from?

The mains lead exits for the rear right hand side.

How do I remove the heater from the wall when I decorate?

There is an easy clip release mechanism. In all cases when removing the heaters, safe working practices are necessary and electrical connections must be disconnected in advance.

What is the difference between basic and expert mode?

There are two programs in the heater a basic mode and an expert program. Expert mode allows additional control functions to be used. For further information please refer to the instruction manual.

How do I lock the heater to make it tamper proof?

In the F127 operating manual, expert mode, there is a facility to lock the heaters to prevent tampering.

What happens if I switch off the power to the heater?

If the power is lost to the heater, the timer clock will need to be reset.

What is the black wire for?

It is a pilot wire for signalling purposes, it is used to connect heaters together to create heating zones. It must not be connected to Earth.