Energy Savings Through Smart Features

Energy Savings Through Smart Features

Heating your home accounts for more than 60% of your energy use, this highlights the importance of having an energy efficient heating system. In order to maintain a warm atmosphere in the home, smart features on appliances can not only assist with better functionality, but also better efficiency. Jamie Hickman, Product Manager at Atlantic, discusses how Atlantic's smart features can provide the winning combination of energy savings and better efficiency.

Across the range of Atlantic panel heaters, there are a variety of smart features included. These features can vary from seven-day integrated timers to fully automated programming using light and motion detectors. These features allow for more efficient use for customers through management, meaning more money can be saved in the long run.

Cozytouch Connectivity

Our heaters that are Cozytouch compatible allow for more control over your heating anywhere in the world. The Cozytouch app allows you to adjust your heating straight from your smart device, such as changing heating times, altering room temperature to also monitoring your energy consumption. It has the ability to link multiple appliances together using the IO home control signal, allowing for all of your devices to sync their times and temperatures through the app.

Absence and presence detection

When a panel is switched to its Auto programming function, the panel uses light and motion sensors to detect when a room is occupied or empty. When the heater records that the room has been empty for half an hour, the heater will then reduce the set temperature by 1°C. If the heater continues to detect the room being empty for another half an hour, it will continue to reduce the temperature by 1°C. Once the heater detects the room no longer being empty, it will automatically adjust the temperature back to the original setpoint.

The purpose of this is to make sure that the heater is not heating a room that is not in use, but with the benefit of not having it go cold while it is vacant. Reducing the temperature by 1°C can result in your heating bills being reduced by 10%, meaning that the absence and presence detection continues to provide comfort and savings. This feature is included on models that have motion and light sensors fitted.

Open window detection

As standard across our range of heaters, this feature detects any sudden changes in temperature in a room. These are typically detected through an open window or door, where the outside temperature will have a distinctive effect on the room temperature. When a drop in temperature is detected, the heater will automatically switch to a lower setpoint. Open window detection is in place to ensure that you are not heating a room unnecessarily, whilst also providing protection against any potential frost damage.

Once the heater records a rise in room temperature, such as a window or door being closed, the heater will automatically switch back to the original setpoint.

Pilot Wire

Available on some of our appliances, Pilot Wire connection allows you to connect several appliances together, with the use of one common controller. Allowing for quicker and easier access to any change to the controller and heat temperature. This connection is perfectly suited to bigger projects with larger spaces or communal areas.

With the Government’s efforts to reduce carbon footprint, establishing the perfect combination of energy savings whilst keeping comfort will continue to be at the forefront of customers’ choice. The smart features across Atlantic Heat’s product range provide energy saving benefits through greater adaptability and further control functions delivering effective energy savings for the property.

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