Atlantic Chrome

Electric Towel Rail

300 - 500W Output
AH 2 Year Warranty Blue

Atlantic Chrome combines efficient thermofluid heating technology with a sleek modern design to elevate the room’s comfort and style.

Offering swift and homogeneous heating, the Atlantic Chrome towel rail embraces advanced thermofluid technology to heat the towel rail efficiently, providing long-lasting heat that not only warms the bathroom but also every inch of the towel for luxurious comfort.

The Atlantic Chrome towel rail offers both convenience and efficiency. Activate the 2-hour boost mode when time is of the essence, and indulge in rapid warmth. Alternatively, opt for the 24-hour automatic mode, effortlessly maintaining your desired temperature around the clock. The integrated heating light indicator adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to bask in the warmth visually as well as physically.

Installation has never been simpler. The Atlantic Chrome towel rail is designed with modern living in mind, boasting a user-friendly setup process. The inclusion of 3 wall fittings ensures a swift and secure installation, saving you time and effort

Product Colour:
Boost Function
Boost Function
25% Energy Savings
25% Energy Savings
24 Hour Automatic Mode
24 Hour Automatic Mode

Key Features

Output (W) Depth(MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Weight KG) Model
300 63 500 910 11.7 AH571714
500 63 480 1445 16.5 AH571716
Output (W)
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