200W - 500W Output
2 year warranty

The Sensis towel dryer uses thermofluid technology and has been designed for comfort and simplicity. Sensis features an integrated programmer, integral, adjustable thermostat with up to 60 minute Boost timer. For use with a third party control use the Sensis 200W with simple On/Off switch control.

Product Colour:
25% Energy Savings
25% Energy Savings
ERP Compliant
ERP Compliant

Key Features

Sensis Technical Data

200 100 400 578 6 AH100836
300 100 500 594 7 AH100837
500 100 500 884 9 AH100838

Inside your radiator

  1. Fast heating surface
  2. Digital display with temperature control
  3. Thermofluid technology
  4. Mode Selection
  5. Boost
  6. On/Off Switch
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Your SENSIS questions answered

Does this towel dryer have an override function?

Yes, on the Sensis 300W & 500W the boost mode will deliver full output for the desired time. Boost mode can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Once boost is complete the towel dryer will revert back to the previous mode.

Can this towel dryer be programmed?

Yes, the Sensis 300W and 500W have an integrated programmer, there are 7 pre-programmed options to choose from. Each of these can be modified to suit your needs.

Can I change the pre-set programmes?

Yes each programme is modifiable, so you just need to choose the one that is closet to your needs and adapt it as required.

I want to use an external timer, can I use Sensis?

The Sensis 200W comes with a single ON / OFF switch, leaving this switch in the ON position allows you to control the power supply from an external timer or thermostat.