Electric Panel Radiator

500 - 2000W Output
AH 2 Year Warranty Purple

The Atlantic F127 electric panel radiator utilises convection heating to quickly warm any room and with a simple cosmetic design can fit into any home deco design with ease.

Equipped with easy to use heating controls, the Atlantic F127 electric panel radiator offers the user a wide range of features that include 24 hour, 7 days a week programming allowing the F127 radiator to cover a multitude of home living lifestyles depending on the user's needs.

Featuring open window detection which allows the F127 panel radiator to monitor its energy usage and with a high precision thermostat the Atlantic F127 electric panel radiator can offer the end user up to 25% energy savings.

With its simple design and easy fixings, the Atlantic F127 electric panel radiator has been designed to be easily fitted letting you install a high volume of these electric panel radiators with ease.

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ErP Lot 20
ErP Lot 20
25% Energy Savings
25% Energy Savings

Key Features

F127 Technical Data

Output (W) Depth (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Current (A) Weight (KG) A B1 B2 Model Wiring Location
500 102 370 453 2.1 3.8 195 256 158 AH500101 Bottom middle
750 102 370 453 3.2 3.8 195 256 158 AH500106 Bottom middle
1000 102 447 453 4.3 4.2 269 256 158 AH500103 Bottom middle
1250 102 517 453 5.3 4.4 269 256 158 AH500107 Bottom middle
1500 102 590 453 6.4 5.5 343 256 158 AH500104 Bottom middle
2000 102 740 453 8.5 6.8 491 256 158 AH500105 Bottom middle
Output (W)

Inside your radiator

  1. Air outlet wings
  2. Control unit
  3. Front panel
  4. Heating element
  5. Room temperature sensor
  6. Control panel
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Your F127 questions answered

What is ErP?

ErP is the European directive stating that all electric radiators which are manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. A reduction in emissions is achieved with integral room temperature controls which have day or week timers. Additional reductions achieved with: temperature control with presence/open window detection, app distance control, adaptive start control to suit user lifestyle.

Why do I need a pilot wire?

A pilot wire can allow a towel rail to be connected to a wider heating system where a pilot wire facility is included.

What is the black wire for?

It is a pilot wire for signalling purposes, it is used to connect heaters together to create heating zones. It must not be connected to Earth.

How do I lock the heater to make it tamper proof?

In the F127 operating manual, expert mode, there is a facility to lock the heaters to prevent tampering.